The [Associated Colleges of the South’s] goal, as outlined in a set of upcoming reports, is to create a different kind of model for blended learning — defined as ‘computer-mediated instruction that is combined with the interpersonal and interactive pedagogy that distinguishes the ACS institutions.'”

Carl Straumsheim. Southern Blend. Inside Higher Ed. July 31, 2014

A majority [of Chief Financial Officers] looked to collaboration to control costs. Over half (55 percent) said they wanted to work with other institutions to provide academic programs. A smaller number (37 percent) wanted to collaborate on administrative services with other colleges.”

Ry Rivard. Sustainability, Divestment and Debt: A Survey of Business Officers. Inside Higher Ed. July 18, 2014

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Across higher education—and especially at small colleges and universities focused on liberal education—challenges to traditional business models, shrinking budgets and increased costs, and new ways to connect with potential partners have resulted in renewed, urgent interest in the potential of inter-institutional collaboration. Senior leaders, faculty, and staff are seeking to deepen their ability to collaborate across institutional, disciplinary, and other lines. The question is no longer, “Should we collaborate?” Rather it is, “What do we need to do to collaborate successfully?”

The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) helps colleges and universities address this question. We recognize that collaboration itself is not the objective, but rather a tool to be mastered. Working with specific groups of institutions, we facilitate collaboration by providing practical guidance, concrete tools, and a structured process that helps colleges operationalize collaboration and achieve shared strategic goals. We also help those engaged in collaboration share their insights and outcomes with the wider community, thus creating an active learning and problem-solving network that learns from shared experience and builds on specific successes.


Established in 2001, NITLE is the key organization for small colleges that want to use available tools and resources strategically and sustainably to collaborate, engage students, and advance liberal education. Contact us to find out more. To become a member, please send us a request.


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