NITLE Fellows: Tom Warger

Thomas A. Warger has held a variety of leadership roles in IT management in higher education in more than 20 years of his career and is now a major contributor to NITLE Shared Practice. Dr. Warger was CIO at Bryn Mawr College (Pennsylvania) for 9 years and IT projects coordinator at Five Colleges, Inc. (Massachusetts) for 5 years. Since 2000 he served as interim CIO at five different colleges, with two of those posts including library interim directorship. He has also consulted at numerous colleges and universities and has been the lead author of the Edutech Report newsletter for 8 years.

Dr. Warger’s experience includes: IT strategic plans and accreditation self-studies, ERP selection and implementation, IT staff development and re-organization, digital assets management, audio-video services modernization, instructional technology development, budgeting, project management, grant writing, regulatory compliance projects, IT governance committees, web and public relations development, learning management system selection and implementation, and construction and renovation projects for IT and instructional facilities.

Dr. Warger has served on the Boards of Directors of the Association of Small Computer Users in Education, the Northeast Regional Computing Program, the Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges, and the AIMS Group, Inc. He has served on editorial and conference committees at EDUCAUSE and is a frequent presenter at regional IT conferences and events.

Dr. Warger began his career as a faculty member. He has a Ph.D. in French Studies from Brown University and taught at Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) and Union (Schenectady, NY) Colleges before turning to work in academic administration and IT management.

Selected Publications

  • “Learning Environments: Where Space, Technology, and Culture Converge,” co-authored with Greg Dobbin, ELI White Paper, Educause (2009).
  • Monthly articles, 1998-2008, Edutech Report newsletter, Linda Fleit, editor, a publication of Magna Publications.
  • Frequent articles in University Business Magazine since 2001. See
  • “Living With the Older Database System,” in Administrative Computing in Higher Education: Issues in Enterprise-Wide Networks and Systems, Learned Information, Medford, NJ, 1995
  • “The Organization and Structure of Computing Services,” in Computing Strategies at Liberal Arts Colleges, Martin D. Ringle, editor, Addison-Wesley, 1992.