Please note: NITLE is currently in a period of assessment. Invitations for renewals and new memberships will be sent in 2017.

Liberal arts colleges and universities benefit when they work together to integrate inquiry, pedagogy, and technology. Through active participation in the NITLE Network and with active support from NITLE, our members identify specific, shared needs and work toward concrete, measurable outcomes. In so doing, they provide essential leadership for liberal education. Here’s how:

  • Our members engage in ongoing conversation with each other and NITLE about issues impacting liberal education. NITLE organizes these conversations at a variety of national meetings where our members congregate, including those hosted by AAC&U, CIC, and EDUCAUSE. Our online seminars and on-campus strategic consulting engagements also provide venues for dialogue, as does the Academic Commons, an online community (beta) for the liberal education community. Less formally, these conversations take place on a day-to-day basis through numerous other channels.
  • Engaging our members, fellows, and advisors in an iterative process, NITLE develops a profile of common needs and opportunities and defines specific lines of inquiry that help the Network focus its collective, collaborative energy. We examine these lines of inquiry through three inter-related lenses: value and sustainability (mission-centered adaptation of sustainable business models); liberal arts mission and practice (mission-centered integration of current technologies into student learning), and emerging information ecology (mission-centered planning and decision-making attuned to a broader ecology).
  • Our fellows work on specifically defined problems and opportunities related to these lines of inquiry. As nationally prominent leaders in higher education with proven track records, our fellows are positioned to address issues of broad strategic importance for liberal education. They focus on developing approaches, tools, and resources that have utility beyond a single campus — and that our members can use to solve strategic problems at their institutions.
  • Our members use our seminars, strategic consulting program, subject-area specialist program, and other tools that NITLE offers as a platform for gaining new perspective, building institutional capacity, informing strategic decision-making, and connecting with other institutions with similar strategic interests. These programs and tools are grounded in the work of our fellows and NITLE’s ongoing analysis of our members’ needs. By using this integrated platform, our members continuously refine our collective understanding of the common needs and opportunities facing liberal education, including which of these might be best addressed via collaborative means.

Backed by this flexible, responsive approach, our members increase their collective capacity for collaboration and their ability to define problems, answer questions, create opportunities, and develop solutions relevant to their needs. Within a rapidly shifting environment, they act as both change agents and effective managers of change, moving liberal education toward a brighter future.

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