NITLE Partners

NITLE partners with organizations that share its belief that liberal education plays a key role in creating the leaders, thinkers, and problem-solvers the world needs. We seek to partner with those committed to helping liberal arts colleges and universities develop students into curious, creative, life-long learners. We see effective partnerships as essential to our mission: helping liberal arts colleges integrate inquiry, pedagogy, and technology to create transformational, student-centered learning experiences that enable graduates to make a difference.

Organizations interested in partnering with NITLE should email

Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) »
CLIR is an independent, nonprofit organization that forges strategies to enhance research, teaching, and learning environments in collaboration with libraries, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning. CLIR aspires to transform the information landscape to support the advancement of knowledge. It promotes forward-looking collaborative solutions that transcend disciplinary, institutional, professional, and geographic boundaries in support of the public good.

Anvil Academic Publishing »
Anvil Academic is a pioneering, exclusively digital scholarly publisher. It brings the analog publishing world’s traditional editorial rigor to the emerging world of digitally mediated humanities scholarship, offering a title production system that colleges, universities, libraries, and cultural institutions can use to publish under their own imprints. Anvil Academic is a joint project of CLIR and NITLE. It directly addresses the current crisis in academic publishing, including the growing inability of current models to support new forms of scholarly argument, and seeks develop and test new revenue models for sustaining scholarly argument in an emerging digital world.

CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) is a not-for-profit joint venture between the world’s leading scholarly publishers and research libraries whose mission is to build a sustainable, geographically distributed dark archive with which to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of the greater global research community. CLOCKSS is for the entire world’s benefit. Content no longer available from any publisher (“triggered content”) is available for free. CLOCKSS uniquely assigns this abandoned and orphaned content with a creative commons license to ensure it remains available, forever.

Teachers Without Borders »
Teachers Without Borders (TWB) connects teachers to information and each other to create local change on a global scale. Its activities are conceived and run by educators and local leaders who best understand the requirements and goals of their colleagues and communities. Based upon this premise, TWB provides free courses, resources, and tools to help teachers around the world learn, connect, collaborate, and create online, in schools or community centers, and in workshops and seminars. TWB removes barriers to availability, accessibility, acceptability, and adaptability, through high-teach, high-tech, and high-touch programs and platforms. Using technology as an accelerator, TWB advances learning by building teacher communities.