Broadcast from the NITLE Summit

Portions of the 2011 NITLE Summit were broadcast live for the benefit of member colleges and others interested in using technology strategically and collaboratively to advance teaching and learning across the disciplines. Thanks to our lead Summit sponsors, CDW-G and LifeSize Communications, remote audiences were able to watch a live stream of video, audio, and presentation materials via the web. For those who were not able to join live, the recorded broadcasts are available here via the NITLE Summit 2011 channel on the LifeSize Video Center.

Recorded Broadcast of the 2011 NITLE Summit Keynote Address

A New Culture of Learning for a World of Constant Change
by Dr. John Seely Brown

Recorded Broadcast of the Morning Plenary Session

The Future of Liberal Education: Coffee and a Conversation
with Drs. danah boyd, Michael Wesch, Bryan Alexander, Katie Conboy, and Rick Holmgren