NITLE Summit

2:00pm EDT March 25, 2010 - 5:00pm March 26, 2010

In late March 2010, campus leaders from across the NITLE Network gathered in New Orleans, Louisiana, to engage key questions about our changed information environment and how liberal arts colleges and universities can work together to understand and respond to its impact on and implications for liberal education.

Sheraton New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Advancing towards Liberal Arts 3.0

Organized around the theme “Advancing towards Liberal Arts 3.0,” the Summit brought participants together around the recognition that we are currently seeing a great change in technologies and the information environment: technology is decentralized, virtualized capital. It is accessible and ownable by individuals, not just institutions. Social media and collective intelligence have changed how we interact with technology, information, and each other, and the cloud and mobility make information and the tools to use it ubiquitous. The planners of the NITLE Summit sought to stimulate discussion around key questions:

  • How does this combination of changes in students, technology, materials, economics, and scholarship transform the liberal arts and what they mean in this context?
  • How will change impact the curriculum, scholarly research, and support infrastructure?
  • How can we recognize the implications of these changes and help faculty and students adapt?

While engaging these questions, participants networked with peers from small, liberal arts colleges and universities, sharing knowledge and insights, and gathering feedback about their institutions’ efforts to use digital technology to advance their missions.

Suggestions for the 2011 NITLE Summit?

We welcome your thoughts about how the 2011 Summit might advance the integration of inquiry, pedagogy, and technology at liberal arts colleges and universities. Please contact Grace Pang at with your ideas and feedback.