NITLE Future Trends

NITLE Future Trends is a monthly report on emerging trendlines in higher education. Distributed to senior leaders from the NITLE Network as a benefit of membership, it is developed by NITLE’s senior fellow, Dr. Bryan Alexander. A variety of futures methodologies are used to develop each report, including environmental scanning through social media, scenario development and testing, ongoing conversations with innovators and thought leaders, feedback from report subscribers, and the NITLE Prediction Markets.

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Feedback from NITLE Future Trends Subscribers

“This is a valuable resource, particularly the succinct summaries, the graphics, and the notes.”

Susan Ashley
Dean of the College and the Faculty
Colorado College

“[The report] is very valuable and I would like to see it continue. It is at just the right level of depth for sharing with campus decision makers.”

Robert Renaud
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Dickinson College

“Very timely and helpful. I look forward to future reports.”

Kris Bartanen
Academic Vice President and Dean of the University
University of Puget Sound