NITLE Innovation Studio Demo Day

2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT August 20, 2012

The Innovation Studio Demo Day will hold particular interest for faculty, librarians, information technologists, administrators, and educational researchers with an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation in education, inter-institutional collaboration, design thinking, information literacy, and using ethnographic studies to inform the design of academic services. (Times EDT)
Program Description

How might we make information literacy an integral part of a liberal arts education? How might we facilitate faculty collaboration between and within institutions in support of teaching and learning? How might we foster both cross-institutional collaboration and data analysis to support ethnographic projects in libraries, enabling greater understanding of library users?

To address these questions, librarians, instructional technologists, and a faculty member from the NITLE Network are developing innovative projects as members of NITLE’s Innovation Studio. Exploring approaches to innovation drawn from design thinking and entrepreneurship, the Innovation Studio has enabled eleven Innovation Scholars to hone their skills as collaborators and creators as they have worked in teams on a series of challenges. Challenges have included forming a team and developing a team charter, conducting user studies, crafting a business model, and building and testing prototypes. The Innovation Scholars have also consulted with mentors and participated in videoconference seminars with thought leaders on topics such as entrepreneurship in libraries, financial sustainability strategies, creativity, and community engagement. Now you can see the culmination of their work over the past six months at the Innovation Studio Demo Day. Join us at this virtual event to learn about their projects and about the Innovation Studio.

Three teams will present their work:

  • RAIL: Recipes for Advancing Information Literacy* — By building an open, multi-disciplinary collection of SMART recipes (Simple, Modular, Assessable, Reproducible, and Tested) that could be integrated into any curriculum, we intend to bring information literacy to the forefront of liberal arts education. Join us and contribute your expertise! | Meet the RAIL team
  • Collegiate Collaborations — Collegiate Collaborations is a community of university faculty, staff, and administrators who support inter-institutional collaboration. Collaboration allow institutions to leverage resources to best advantage and also creates opportunity for creativity and innovation. Our site offers tools and best practices for those who would like to begin collaborative projects. We hope that you will join us and contribute your ideas and experiences. | Meet the Collegiate Collaborations team
  • CESiL: Collaborative Ethnographic Studies in Libraries — The CESiL team proposes developing a framework to facilitate both cross-institutional collaboration and data analysis relating to ethnographic projects. Benefits to the higher education community include more reliable study findings, elimination of redundancies, ideas for future studies, and access to a much larger pool of ethnographic data than an institution could gather alone. Leveraging the knowledge of librarians and ethnographers in academic settings, including existing cross-institutional cooperatives such as Anthro-Lib (a group of individuals that have specific training and experience in this area), will facilitate construction of a reliable and reusable toolset. | Meet the CESiL team

* All project URLs are subject to change.


Please register online by Thursday, August 16. Registration is free; however, space is limited.


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