The New Information Technology Organization for Liberal Arts Colleges

1:00pm - 2:00pm EST November 29, 2012

Faculty, administrators, instructional technologists, librarians, and others from the NITLE Network who are interested in how ongoing change is affecting information technology at small liberal arts colleges will benefit from this seminar. Attendance by institutional teams is encouraged; individuals are also welcome to participate. (Times EST)

Information technology (IT) organizations in higher education face a completely different world than they did ten years ago. Some of the core principles on which we have organized higher education and the information technology to support it are now either obsolete or undergoing major transformations. The meaning of “IT” has changed. Students are not who they used to be. The economy has probably changed in permanent ways (beyond a normal recession). Fragmentation and disruption are dividing attention and resources. IT’s stakeholder community is more complex and varied. What do these changes mean for information technology at small liberal arts colleges? In this seminar, Dr. Tom Warger, NITLE Fellow and independent consultant, will outline the changes that are affecting information technology at small liberal arts colleges and their implications for IT staff, library, faculty, students and others.


Dr. Thomas A. Warger has held a variety of leadership roles in IT management in higher education in more than 20 years of his career and is now a major contributor to NITLE’s consulting practice. Dr. Warger was CIO at Bryn Mawr College (Pennsylvania) for 9 years and IT projects coordinator at Five Colleges, Inc. (Massachusetts) for 5 years. Since 2000 he served as interim CIO at five different colleges, with two of those posts including library interim directorship. He has also consulted at numerous colleges and universities and has been the lead author of the Edutech Report newsletter for 8 years. (Read Dr. Warger’s full bio.)


Registration for this event is closed. (Participation in NITLE Shared Academics events is open to all active member institutions of the NITLE Network as a benefit of membership and as space allows. No additional registration fee applies.)


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