An Open Discussion of Future Trends at Liberal Arts Colleges

2:00pm - 3:00pm EST December 13, 2012

Campus leaders, strategic thinkers, and innovators from the NITLE Network who are interested in the future of liberal education are invited to participate in this seminar. Attendance by institutional teams is encouraged; individuals are also welcome to participate. (Times EST)

At a time of rapid, systemic change, liberal arts campuses must plan strategically for institutional success and sustainability in the future. They must also prepare students to succeed in that open-ended future. Join this open discussion of future trends at liberal arts colleges led by Bryan Alexander, NITLE Senior Fellow and author of NITLE Future Trends, a monthly report on emerging trendlines in higher education. Trends addressed in the report during the six-month period from April to September 2012 include communities and populations; economics and college finances; MOOCs; scholarship; teaching, learning, and technology; the technology ecosystem; and the future of liberal education. Participants in this seminar will discuss trends emerging in and from the NITLE community and evaluate their impact at the individual, institutional, and national level.


Dr. Bryan Alexander researches, writes, and speaks about emerging trends in the integration of inquiry, pedagogy, and technology and their potential application to liberal arts contexts. His current research interests include emerging pedagogical forms enabled by mobile technologies, learning processes and outcomes associated with immersive environments (as in gaming and augmented reality), the digital humanities, and futuristic methodologies. A 2004 Frye Fellow, he holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Michigan. His book, The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media, was published in April 2011, by Praeger.

The Future Trends Survey

Help shape NITLE inquiry and programming on the implications about emerging trends for liberal education by identifying which trends are most significant to you, your institution, and to liberal education. The NITLE Future Trends Survey closes on December 14, 2012.


Registration for this event is closed. (Participation in NITLE Shared Academics events is open to all active member institutions of the NITLE Network as a benefit of membership and as space allows. No additional registration fee applies.)

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Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts on Twitter via this event’s hashtag: #NITLEfutures.

About NITLE Future Trends

NITLE Future Trends is a monthly report on emerging trendlines in higher education. Distributed to senior leaders from the NITLE Network as a benefit of membership, it is developed by NITLE’s senior fellow, Dr. Bryan Alexander. Members are encouraged to subscribe to the report. To access back issues, please send an email request to


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