Organizational Development and Restructuring

2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT May 7, 2013

Sam Demas, library consultant and librarian emeritus of Carleton College, guides a discussion framed by his holistic approach to organizational development, encompassing strategic planning, workflow analysis, and staffing review and reconfiguration. (Times EDT)

In our continuing seminar series on the future of the liberal arts college library, we move from the broader, national picture of previous seminars to think about local institutional organization and development. Sam Demas will give a presentation and lead a discussion on organizational development and restructuring in libraries. He will provide an overview of the key components of organizational development, including department reviews, strategic planning, goals setting, workflow analysis, assessing organizational culture, and reconfiguring positions and organizational structure. Demas will discuss how these elements relate to each other, suggest sequencing of activities over time, and comment on both DIY approaches and circumstances in which it pays to hire a consultant to facilitate parts of the process.

Recommended Reading

Stoffle, Carla J. and Cheryl Cuillier. “From Surviving to Thriving,” Journal of Library Administration, Vol. 51, Iss. 1, 2010.


Sam Demas is a freelance librarian, helping libraries invent their futures as dynamic and flexible organizations, and as stewards of both remarkable legacy collections and a burgeoning world of digital resources. He has worked as a library director, a specialist in collections and preservation in the research library community, and a collaborator in and instigator of numerous projects and programs. As College Librarian and Senior Lecturer at Carleton College for 13 years (1998-2011), Mr. Demas and his colleagues experimented with the development of the liberal arts college library as both a virtual space and a vibrant place of student research, community building, and cultural events. The staff of Carleton’s library won the ACRL Award for Excellence in Library Services for their exemplary work in developing library services in support of the college’s mission. Mr. Demas provided leadership in establishing the Bridge Consoritium with St. Olaf college and was involved with programs and initiatives of the Oberlin Group of libraries. As a library consultant, Mr. Demas specializes in organizational development and collection management.

About the Future of the Liberal Arts College Library series

The Future of the Liberal Arts College Library seminar series is part of NITLE’s continuing effort to engage members of the NITLE Network in conversation around this important topic. Over the course of the year, the series will bring librarians, faculty, and interested others from NITLE’s member campuses together to explore principal elements: What is the future of the liberal arts? the future of the liberal arts college? the future of the library? 

By asking these questions, exploring potential answers, and engaging stakeholders from across the NITLE Network in sharing their diverse perspectives, we prepare the groundwork for moving on to the next step: joint and individual action. These discussions are aimed at inspiring and guiding us in strategically crafting campus policy that supports intra- and inter-campus collaborative connections. Ideas generated and feedback gathered via this seminar series will inform development of NITLE Shared Libraries.

Because broad engagement across diverse viewpoints is key to developing strategies that are actually effective in the long run, we encourage stakeholders from member campuses to participate regularly in this seminar series, recruit campus colleagues to join the discussion, and to use seminar discussions as fuel for ongoing conversation on campus.

Series Hashtag

Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts on Twitter via this series’ hashtag: #LAClibrary.


Faculty, librarians, instructional technologists, and others from the NITLE Network are invited to attend: attendance by institutional teams is strongly encouraged. Individuals are also welcome to participate.

Please register online by Friday, May 3, 2013. Participation in NITLE Shared Academics events is open to all active member institutions of the NITLE Network as a benefit of membership and as space allows. No additional registration fee applies.


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