NITLE Advisory Board Focuses on Strategic Issues

October 04, 2011

In the 2011-2012 academic year, NITLE will concentrate its work in three areas especially pertinent to the future of liberal education: digital humanities, libraries and scholarly communications, and new learning resources. To drive action in these areas, members of NITLE’s national advisory board are working in committees focused on these areas as well as NITLE Labs.

Advisory board members assigned to four newly formed committees are listed below, as are the NITLE staff liaisons for each committee.


Staff Liaison: Dr. Lisa Spiro, Director of NITLE Labs

  • Dr. Bryon Grigsby, Senior Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Shenandoah University
  • Dr. Carol Long, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, State University of New York at Geneseo
  • Dr. Michael (Mickey) McDonald, Provost, Kalamazoo College
  • Dr. David Wedaman, Director for Research and Instruction Services, Brandeis University
  • Dr. Terrel (Terry) Rhodes, Vice President for Quality, Curriculum and Assessment, Association of American Colleges and Universities

New Learning Resources

Staff Liaison: Dr. Bryan Alexander, Senior Fellow

  • Dr. Richard Holmgren, Chief Information Officer, Associate Professor of Mathematics, and Associate Dean of the College, Allegheny College
  • Mr. Eric Jansson, Senior Education Associate, SMART Technologies
  • Dr. Brian Rosenberg, President, Macalester College
  • Dr. Gardner Campbell, Director, Professional Development and Innovative Initiatives, Learning Technologies, and Associate Professor of English, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
  • Dr. Katie Conboy, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Stonehill College

Digital Humanities

Staff Liaison: Dr. Rebecca Davis, Program Officer for the Humanities

  • Dr. Lori Bettison-Varga, President, Scripps College
  • Dr. Thomas Burkdall, Director, Center for Academic Excellence, and Associate Professor, English Writing, Occidental College
  • Mr. Richard Fyffe, Samuel R. and Marie-Louise Rosenthal Librarian of the College and Associate Professor, Grinnell College
  • Mr. Kenneth Pflueger, Executive Director, Information Technology Services, and Chief Information Officer, Pomona College

Libraries and Scholarly Communications

Staff Liaison: Mr. Fred Moody, Program Officer for Libraries and Scholarly Communications

  • Dr. Paul Courant, University of Michigan Librarian and Dean of Libraries, Harold T. Shapiro Collegiate Professor of Public Policy, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Economics and of Information, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Charles Henry, President, Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)
  • Mr. Michael A. Keller, Ida M. Green University Librarian, Director of Academic Information Resources, and Publisher of HighWire Press and Stanford University Press, Stanford University
  • Dr. Tracy Mitrano, Director of Information Technologies Policy and the University Computer Policy and Law Program, Cornell University
  • Dr. Jerome McGann, John Stewart Bryan University Professor, University of Virginia