NITLE offers these resources and tools to leaders and innovators who are working to integrate inquiry, pedagogy, and technology in liberal education.

The Academic Commons

A venue for exchanging ideas about the strategic integration of inquiry, pedagogy, and technology in liberal education, The Academic Commons provides tools for community members, including

  • Transformations, a platform for reading and publishing case studies, articles, and essays about effective, sustainable, and transformative approaches to integrating inquiry, pedagogy, and technology. 
  • Public forums that community members can use to exchange ideas, information, and news across institutional boundaries.
  • A platform for creating shared workspaces supported by discussion, collaboration, and group management tools. Those developing specific collaborative projects—especially groups of colleagues working inter-institutionally—may find this platform useful.

NITLE Shared Academics: Recorded Seminars

Video recordings of past seminars from NITLE Shared AcademicsTM  are publicly available on YouTube. Available titles include

Presentation slides from our seminars are also publicly available on SlideShare. Recordings of more recent seminars are available on request to members of the NITLE Network. 

E-mail Lists

Use our e-mail lists to ask questions and gather information about integrating inquiry, pedagogy, and technology. Subscribers are a diverse mix of professionals who teach and work at liberal arts institutions across the nation.

  • Instructional Technologists (NITLE-IT). Instructional technologists from liberal arts institutions use the NITLE-IT e-mail list to exchange ideas, provide peer support, and share information on a regular basis. Subscribe via e-mail | Unsubscribe via e-mail
  • Spatial Analysis and Mapping/Geographic Information Systems (NITLE-GIS). Faculty and technologists discuss emerging issues in GIS and web-mapping, share resources and materials, exchange strategies to support spatial studies, and cultivate professional relationships. Subscribe via e-mail | Unsubscribe via e-mail
  • Classical Studies (Sunoikisis). Connect with classicists on liberal arts campuses who are interested in using collaboration technologies to enrich scholarship and the teaching-learning experience. The Sunoikisis program enhances the range and quality of opportunities available to students in classical studies. Subscribe via e-mail | Unsubscribe via e-mail