NITLE Shared Practice

NITLE Shared PracticeTM connects campuses with leading practices for integrating technology into liberal education. Campus leaders benefit from strategic consultation and facilitated meetings, using them to make the best decisions in the context of their institution’s unique tradition, culture, vision, strategic plan, and organizational model.

Process Overview

NITLE Shared Practice helps leaders discover and share practices collaboratively, drawing on the collective strength of the NITLE Network to connect them to the right ideas, tools, resources, and partners. It provides a structured, iterative, and responsive process that campus leaders use to assess and strengthen their institution’s strategic position. A collaboration toolkit (.pdf) starts the process, helping the campus

  • identify its needs, strengths, options, and opportunities;
  • define its key strategic issues and set goals and objectives for institutional advancement, with an emphasis on long-term sustainability;
  • identify the right on-campus collaborators and existing campus resources given stated goals and objectives;
  • forge and strengthen necessary and sufficient internal relationships and build working alliances;
  • tackle problems as they arise and develop solutions that make sense for the campus.

NITLE manages the campus’s engagement with this structured process, providing leadership and responding to changing circumstances and emerging issues as appropriate. It uses its knowledge of and relationships within the NITLE Network to identify and secure resources and partners relevant to the campus’s needs and goals, including all available resources within NITLE itself.

The campus receives a comprehensive report on outcomes with recommendations for further action and planning. Selected outcomes and case studies emerging from the engagement become part of the shared pool of resources available to the NITLE Network.

Additional Resources

Collaboration Consulting Program (.pdf)

Preparing, Planning, and Developing Collaborations: a Practical Checklist (.pdf)

Statement of Shared Purpose (.pdf)

Program Sustainability Assessment Tool (.pdf)