Subject-Area Specialist | Jo Cannon

Joanne (Jo) Cannon has been working in the field of educational technology for more than 25 years. She earned her M.Ed. in instructional technology from UMass Amherst and her B.A. in mathematics and German from Mount Holyoke College. She is currently the assistant director of educational technology at Smith College, where she also manages the Center for Media Production. Over the years, she has worked with colleagues in a variety of fields to create educational multimedia applications and to teach students and faculty to create and use media effectively in their own work.

Ms. Cannon teaches courses in educational media, course design, and facilitating on-line learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has taught face-to-face, hybrid, and on-line courses and specializes in flexible course design with an eye toward accessibility and the varied needs of the learner in each of these environments.

Previously, Ms. Cannon managed the Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures, working with faculty to create media-based learning tools and engage the student in the target language through media use and production.