Subject-Area Specialist | Michelle Moravec

Michelle Moravec has 20 years of experience in liberal arts education focusing on curricular transformation. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles and has taught at both large public institutions as well as small liberal arts colleges. She has also served in various academic administrative roles involving co-curricular programming and grant writing.

Dr. Moravec’s particular interests lie in translating the traditional abilities of humanities students into 21st-century skills. She is most interested in helping students and faculty to combine a range of existing digital humanities tools to create digital humanities projects.

Dr. Moravec’s own digital humanities projects are interdisciplinary and combine a variety of tools including Antconc, Gephi, and Scalar. She is passionate about opening up access to the processes of knowledge production. As a long-time scholar of computer-mediated communication, she uses social media and technologies in innovative ways to make public and visible, via digital means, the processes by which history-making takes place. Her work in this area includes transforming Wikipedia, presenting at ThatCamps, blogging, and tweeting. She also engages in “writing in public,” in which she drafts all her scholarly work in open, editable Google documents shared widely through social media.