Subject-Area Specialist | Meg Stewart

Meg Stewart has been collaborating with faculty members in thoughtful technology integrations and curriculum development informed by instructional-design best practices since 1998. She is an academic technology consultant who emphasizes learning goals first and teaches and supports the application of geospatial technologies in instruction for all disciplines across the liberal arts campus.

Showing faculty members how to teach with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Google Earth, web mapping, and data collection and mapping outside of classroom walls on a mobile device—such as a GPS receiver, a tablet PC, or an iPad—are several of Ms. Stewart’s areas of geospatial expertise. Ms. Stewart has experience building and managing desktop-computing learning spaces and mobile-device implementations, and she works closely with software vendors to get the best prices and services for an academic institution. In addition, she advises on digital alternatives to traditional written work, collaborative on-line writing, spreadsheet and presentation options, and the use of social media for teaching, faculty professional development, and campus marketing.

Ms. Stewart is a seasoned project manager, grant writer, and educator who has teaching experience at the community college level, at four-year colleges, and in graduate programs. Earning a Master’s degree in geoscience at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Ms. Stewart worked in environmental consulting for five years before moving into academia. In 2009-10, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to teach and do geospatial research at the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies at the University of the West Indies in Barbados.